You are an intruder. You willfully disregarded well marked postings, ignored social customs, and casually disobeyed the law. Most groups consider these characteristics undesirable, but you may just fit in. We are the Digital Douwd. We explore digital truth, and as such, deviation from convention has often proven to be advantageous.

We are currently looking for new players with your characteristics. But beware, this thing of ours is a serious endeavour. Enter into it deliberately and only with commitment to our common cause. Retribution will be taken on any who enter dishonorably.

You have now reached the fork in the path. From here you can either, leave and go on about your business or if you feel our commitment to digital truth and understanding you may begin the process of applying to join our order. The next step in the application process is one which requires honor and trust. From your account on The Big Hack simply cut the below admission and apology and paste it into a private message to kevin. Then, post the message "Barf" in the Authentication forum. In time, you will receive a reply telling you how to make restitution.

One final thing: This is a private place. You have found this place and as such have proven a modicum of ingenuity. Planting your flag here however does not make this yours. This place, the knowledge of its existence and the information contained here are still private information and as such are protected both custom and by local and federal law. Revealing any of this information publicly will not only prove your commitment disingenuous but will open you up to retribution in both digital and real worlds.